Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So now with last night's Draft Special and this afternoon's Supplemental Draft wrapped up, let's see where all of the Black WWE Superstars ended up...

  • R-Truth was drafted from Smackdown to RAW. Good look for him; he's super over with the crowd (although his coonery kills me), and he even made me laugh with his "Virgil" bit with Ted DiBiase last night. And to think, I was super excited about him getting blown up on last week's RAW. Still don't see him in any kind of title contention, though. This pick gets an A- just for the sense it makes for RAW. Even Jeff Hardy agrees!
  • Kofi Kingston was drafted from RAW to Smackdown. Dude fucked up his push for main event contention, but with the way Smackdown flows, his style and personality could flourish on that brand. I can see him in an Intercontinental title contention, or even taking on Jack Swagger randomly for the title. Hopefully he cuts out the botches and works on his mic skills. I give this a C, mainly b/c dude has a lot to prove, but there's potential.
  • Ezekiel Jackson was drafted to RAW from Smackdown. How odd is it, Vince let Zeke win the ECW title on the final ECW show, and felt so great about him that he drafted Christian to RAW, and put Zeke on Smackdown. He was poised for a push, but with his pops dying and him getting injured, I think he had one match total on that brand. He must still feel good about him... although Kozlov's on RAW and is barely used. I'll give this move a C+, again because I see what Vince is doing, but Zeke hasn't proved himself to be on the top show.
  • Oddly enough, JTG was initially drafted to RAW, but that supplemental draft pick was rescinded. I would've given that a B+, because I think JTG is the better of the two Cryme Tyme niggas, but I'm guessing these two will grow and battle each other more on Smackdown, at least until after the Over The Limit PPV in May.
  • MVP was drafted to Smackdown from RAW, which is a great look. MVP's best time was holding that US Title. There's a number of opportunities for him, and I'm hoping they start with him immediately hitting the IC Title picture - would be a nice contrast, MVP and Drew McIntyre squaring off. I give this move an A-, seeing as Smackdown helped cultivate this nigga, and if he turns heel!?!? Oh it's gonna be a HOT summer if MVP goes heel!
With Shelton Benjamin out, and Mark Henry doing nothing, there's no other nigga moves I'm worried about... well, I like the way Layla moves, and she's the funniest Diva out there. She needs more face time. What was YOUR favorite niggamove in the 2010 WWE Draft?

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