Thursday, April 22, 2010

Damn - Shelton Benjamin is a great talent who hasn't been used properly, and now he and thick-bottomed Mickie James are among the most recent stars released:

WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Divas Mickie James and Katie Lea Burchill as well as Superstars Shelton Benjamin, Kung Fu Naki, Slam Master J and Jimmy Wang Yang as of today, April 22, 2010. We wish them the best in all future endeavors.

I wonder what the reasoning is - Mickie just came off an injury, and Shelton has had some great showings - when used. Damn, I'm gonna miss Mickie James. I wonder if she'd go to TNA - I have no doubt Shelton will, or should. Damn.

EDIT Looks like enough was enough when Mickie showed up late for the bus in Europe multiple times. Well shit...

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