Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For some reason, I had zero desire to watch wrestling last night. What I did see, I liked - see my thoughts on David Otunga, Lacey Von Erich and more in my re-cap down bottom...

iMPACT! starting at 8PM fucked me up. Fucked my routine all up, and sadly, I don't think it helped raise their ratings that much. Let's go over some TNA highlights:

  • Why do the majority of their matches involve run-ins? Feels like WCW, forreal.
  • Match of the night: Angle vs. Anderson ladder match. Some great spots in there, althought Anderson ALWAYS getting the drop on Angle is kind of blech.
  • Those TNA Lockbox matches always bore me, even w/ the tease of a strip. I knew Tara wasn't going to strip, and while I always wonder why WWE doesn't put the Divas into more of a shining light, them ending on a Knockouts note was anti-climatic, especially since Lacey had the thong on but kept covering it up. I guess TV-14 only affords you so much...
  • Pope hitting the Codebreaker? Ill. When are they gonna announce a new Horsemen stable, though?
  • The Band/Wolfpac shit is boring. Spraypaint? Word? We're still doing that?
All in all, TNA had a lot more wrestling this week, it seemed, and when they're on, theyre's SUPER on. They just aren't on enough for me to truly care.

Over on Raw, I was confused as to why Jack Swagger had to show up. He's Smackdown, right?

  • I so wish ShoMiz loses the belts! I thought at least ONE of those tag title matches would end in them losing (especially how they've teased Big Show's disgust for some of Miz's antics), but I really just want to see The Miz do more promo work in a US title angle. Why keep one of the top titles unused?
  • That said, I was surprised at how much I dug David Otunga's "A-List" character. Perfect fit for him, felt real Hollywood-y, and could set up some interesting angles if he's used right. I have no doubt he'd be on Raw if called up. He feels like he's a botch waiting to happen, but I was impressed last night.
  • How often will Batista get he drop on Cena? Build up your heel only to have them get beat at the PPV? Been there...
  • I do love Orton's tweener thing - I was surprised he attempted an RKO on Cena, and loved his match with Swagger. That match, though, solidified my disdain for Swagger. I can't drink the Kool Aid on that one - I don't like his character or in-ring skills. Really obnoxious. I wished that match was a title match.
  • I definitely knew Eve Torres would win last night, although I'll be shocked if Maryse drops the Divas strap.
  • I'm back and forth w/ Ted DiBiase Jr. and the Million Dollar Belt. I figured they'd work his father in last night, but who knows. Not too excited with him and Christian have an angle, but they put on good matches together.
  • I was confused as to why Otunga left the match - I mean he threw away an opportunity to be on Raw as a tag champ to be a pawn in Batista's game? Fail?
Yeah. I wasn't too impressed by either show last night, but I still give it to Raw. Wow me, TNA.

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