Friday, April 30, 2010

In one story I've been intrigued with, Jim Ross has clarified his status with WWE: essentially, he will still be involved in the talent relations-aspect of his contract, but not be seen on-air. Bells Palsy or not, J.R. is the best damn guy on the mic calling matches. I've been a fan of his since my days watching NWA/WCW events - I grew up on that shit. It's sad - can we at least hear him call PPV events? Something? Hit the jump for the statement on his WWE status from this blog.

There is rampant speculation on the internet about my future. This is understandable as I've talked a great deal about it here on my blogs. Plus, it's provided various wrestling sites, etc with some nice cannon fodder over the past few weeks.

This matter is much more simple than many perceive. My WWE 'talent contract' has ended after a 17+ year run with the company. However, I am still a WWE employee handling the same talent relations functions that I have executed for the company for the past few years including since moving to Oklahoma. I simply do not have a 'talent contract' as WWE has no plans to utilize me as an on air talent at this time.

The WWE engaged in talks with me on Thursday of this week to discuss a new job description that would include what I am now doing along with other talent relations oriented matters. I am considering this offer and I trust that a decision will be made soon regarding this opportunity.

In the meantime, I am still interested in a variety of projects and opportunities.

While some may feel that it is in their best interest that I not remain in broadcasting, I do not share in that belief at this time.

Somewhat like the recently estranged Halle Berry, I don't think that I will be lacking for 'suitors,' so to speak, if broadcastings the road that I decide to travel.

Today I spent a good part of the afternoon strategizing on the book that we are shopping. What's going to be difficult is what to either leave out of it altogether or to cover only slightly as the potential volume of content that's available is immense. Plus, I would rather not pen a massive book that resembles 'War and Peace.'

These are good problems to have and will perhaps necessitate a second book if there's a demand for one.

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