Monday, March 29, 2010

Do you guys remember this shine-head nigga? His name is Ezekiel Jackson, and for someone who was crowned the final ECW Champion, to help elevate him on the Smackdown brand, I have to ask: WHERE THE FUCK IS HE!?!? He's has, what, two matches since ECW was laid to rest? He wasn't anywhere near Wrestlemania 26, and honestly, I'm not sure how they plan on packaging this bitch nigga when they DO decide to unleash him on TV.

What's sad is, I started this site to highlight the niggas within pro wrestling, but their roles are so dimished, it morphed into just ranting on the industry. I don't get it. I don't understand how someone who seemingly fits Vince's mold of an ideal wrestler isn't being used. Even if he can't speak - get this nigga a manager and let him run wild. Something.

EDIT Looks like Zeke wasn't at Mania b/c his pops died. Our condolences. Hopefully he can overcome that and keep it pushin'.

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