Monday, March 29, 2010

So I dropped my predictions for last night's event, then had a lot of people hitting up for streams, and now I want to recap my thoughts on the event, and see how well my predictions were. Hit the jump!

The 10-Diva Tag Match: Waste of a 5 minutes, although Layla El was looking fine as per usual. Surprised they had the heel Divas go over, but you know... (My predicition: face divas win)

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio: Mysterio continued his tradition of having his 'Mania attire mimic a famous movie, and was Avatar. Match was good, although I think the 619 is one of the most retarded moves, ever. I hate it. (My prediction: Mysterio win)

Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Cody Rhodes: This match was like any other RAW match until Ted and Cody turned on each other. Loved the punt kick/RKO finish. Orton is so over, did you hear the pop(s) he got?!? (My prediction: Orton win)

Triple H vs. Sheamus: My wife finally saw how pale Sheamus was. I figured HHH was going to win, but I didn't give a shit. And after their match, I'm glad I didn't care. Pointless match in a contrived feud. (My prediction: who cares?)

ShowMiz vs. Morrison & R-Truth: Didn't expect this to be the first match, nor did I expect it to be over so quickly. I hadn't even cracked a beer and it was over! Big Show's KO punch is devastating looking, though. (My prediction: Morrison & Truth)

MITB Ladder Match: Anytime the WWE can surprise me, I'm all for it. Not gonna say I like Jack Thwagger, but we'll see how the WWE handles him with a MITB contract. My boy Joulz Il thinks there will be 2 MITB winners a year, due to the WWE now having a MITB PPV on the horizon. Interesting match, with some decent spots. Kofi botched a few times, but that fool using a broken ladder as stilts had me rollin'! Wasn't the best MITB match I've seen, but it had some decent spots. (My prediction: Christian)

Chris Jericho vs. Edge: One of my more anticipated matches on the card. I liked a lot of the back and forth here, some nice reversals and such. I was surprised to see Jericho win, but Edge getting his due in the end with that vicious spear through the barricade was intense. This thing is FAR from over. (My prediction: Edge)

Batista vs. John Cena: I wasn't expecting a lot of craziness, and didn't get much. Was surprised to see the mat wrestling, and that Batista jobbed to Cena with the STF! Loved the bit at the end where Cena went down to the Cena haters in the front row and smiled for the camera. Great look. (My prediction: John Cena)

Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon: That double cross shit was boring. I'm sorry. Bret looked great, like he definitely wanted to make a decent showing, but I didn't like how much time Vince spent outside of the ring getting beat up. It felt like this match could've been 5 minutes, but dragged on. And the crowd wasn't super into it. Finally got to see The Hart Dynasty get involved w/ the storyline, but it felt a lil late. (My prediction: Hart)

Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels: Best match of the night, hands down. Loved the teases (I did want to see Taker swan dive over the ropes). Great showing, even if it had too many uses of their finishers (which is a staple of WWE main events that bothers me). I loved how Taker kind of was like "STAY DOWN!", and HBK did the whole throat slash thing and slapped him - very reminiscent of when Flair begged HBK to hit him w/ the Sweet Chin Music with eyes full of tears. Great moment. Ill match. You'll be missed, HBK. (My prediction: Undertaker)

So I didn't do too bad in predictions - about 50% right. Damn that looks a lot worse when you put numbers to it! Anyways, Wrestleview has a complete rundown of Wrestlemania 26, hit it up. I fully expect tonight's RAW to be a tribute to HBK in some fashion, maybe a tear-filled end of show? We'll see. EDIT And here's a replay:

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