Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I dug TNA more last night than WWE.

I wasn't thinking I'd be writing those words, but it's true. I had both streams going side-by-side, so all I had to do was mute and move my screen when I got bored - and RAW stayed on mute more than iMPACT! last night... but it's not because TNA did everything right.

In fact, some of their biggest draws ended up being booked awfully...

Take RVD for example. Say what you will about his condition and rust or whatever, but he has a good following online, and is bound to draw eyes. I was never big on RVD, but I get his appeal. So, what does TNA do? They book him in a match with a freshly-heel Sting... but have him squash Sting in like 30 seconds, no finishers? Only to have him then get beat DOWN with the ballbat for something like 10 minutes? Had me thinking that this was just a one-night thing... and it looks like Jericho agrees.

Or the whole "first five minutes" that ended up being a horrible-blading bloodbath from and Hogan & Flair, with Sting making his return to beat the fuck out of Hulk and Abyss. It looked awful, but was far more intriguing than the normal 10-15 minute promo RAW did, even if it was HBK/Taker building up their WM26 match. TNA, whether it's the TV-14 rating or just the air of surprise, ended up looking the victor for at LEAST the first hour.

Think about it - WWE booked HBK/Taker, then a 6-Diva tag match, that had Eve put over for a second week in a row? Followed by Criss Angel pulling strings in his eyes? Seriously? When the Legacy match finally came about, most eyes were hooked into TNA.

TNA had great X-Division build-ups - that three man match for the title was great. Funny how Shannon Moore's debut (minus the eyeliner all over his face) was far better looking than Jeff Hardy's run-in at the end. Pointless. The segment with Waltman slapping Eric Young (then getting beat) was cool, but wasn't too crazy.

RAW? They had Morrison and R-Truth on RAW - why? They are Smackdown, and only the Unified Tag Champs can go show to show! Waste of a segment. It was good to see finally get his - he had been getting the one-up on Rhodes and DiBiase for weeks now. The Cena/Vince match was confusing and ended just how you figured it would - Cena getting beat down. And the HHH/Sheamus build-up? Yawn.

TNA? You won, but it's because WWE squandered a lot of opportunities to bounce back from last week's drab showing. Next week, with Stone Cold hosting? And the Wrestlemania Rewind matches announced? Come on! TNA better come tougher...

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