Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What is TNA thinking? Who knows. HBK made grown men cry. All this and more after the jump.

I couldn't tell you much about what happened with iMPACT! last night, seeing as, with HBK giving his farewell last night, the clusterfuck that was iMPACT! couldn't even compare. I did have a few points of interest:

  • Pope's promo, with Chelsea, was the shit. Good to see him get the one-up on Wolfe, and the innuendo-heavy back and forth with Chelsea was good. Damn good.
  • I have no words for Orlando Jordan, but if you didn't see his random segment... (don't) watch this video. I don't get it either. Kudos for pushing the envelope, but that wasn't a good segment. It was creepy and confusing... and pointless.
  • Tara and Daffney in a first blood match was great. Tara is the truth.
  • It was great to see Jay Lethal doing his "Black Machismo" bit - that is sorely needed, and he's a good worker. Hopefully we get to see more of him on iMPACT! in the coming weeks.
  • I had no desire to see anything else. I tried, I had both streams going, but it was just boring. The stuff that should've gone over seemed silly. Do I REALLY need the Wolfpac reunited?
Now on Raw, it felt like a lot of things went right...

  • FINALLY! The Hart Dynasty get to wrestle ShowMiz; the match ended kind of crappy, but I hope this isn't the last time these two teams meet. And the match put and DH Smith & Tyson Kidd on Raw, which is good.
  • Jack Swagger wanting to cash in his MITB contract, then getting the tables turned on him, was comedy. This program might have some legs on it...
  • The "Legends Lumberjack" match was kind of silly. As were the segments with the hosts. Good to see WWE keeping it consistent.
  • That Divas match... wow. Very bad. Why did they even go through it? It's doing nothing but burying the champs and the entire division.
  • How over is Randy Orton? He might be the next one to blow, just peep the reactions he gets from the crowd. Awesome. Thing is, for this seeming face turn to work, he has to be the same way he's been. He can't start smiling and shit, b/c people love the slithering viper, not the laughing Orton.
Now, I can't end this without speaking on HBK. I'm glad he got to give a speech at the end. He's great on the mic, and spoke from the heart. I will miss him, because he's a true vet who can build a program out of nothing. Loved re-seeing him fuck Marty Jannetty up. I remember seeing that as a kid and being in awe, and turning into a fan of HBK. Damn. You'll be missed, homey.

I didn't need the DX glowstick at the end, though. Kind of meh.

Wrestleview has the results for iMPACT! and Raw. Peep the replays.

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