Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How can TNA put together a tag team like Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy, put them against Beer Money, Inc., and not call them DRUG MONEY is beyond me! That plus more (including replays) after the jump.

Then again, on a night where some of the most exciting ring action is an eight-Knockout tag team match, you'd be surprised with the things I think of to keep myself occupied.

To be honest, I've not had high hopes for either show. With the Destination X PPV from Sunday being so meh, and Wrestlemania 26 just around the bend, you can't expect too much in the way of exciting material. Here are my thoughts, in bullet form:

  • Velvet Sky is definitely beautiful. I almost wish she was by herself - I personally don't like the Beautiful People gimmick, and think Michelle McCool and Layla do that catty/snobby diva thing better. The 8 Knockout tag-team match was good, though - gave each woman a chance to shine, as well as further prolonged the Tara/Daffney storyline...
  • ...oddly enough, RAW had a Divas tag match as well, but not only was it very short, the only surprise was seeing Mickie James down ringside. Yum.
  • LOL @ both shows featuring the arena blacking out and someone appearing. Hogan being double hand-cuffed and Sting sitting on the turnbuckle was cool, although I'm not sure how or why he got those powers. Taker's been doing that for years, and him appearing in the ring during Kane and HBK's match was dope, especially since HBK still ended up winning.
  • My assumption was Jarrett was going to be losing and taking a behind the scenes role. I'm glad he got his ass handed to him by Beer Money, who are looking more like Bischoff henchmen, for good or ill.
  • Why did TNA book "Drug Money" to fight Beer Money, and then keep going to commercial break? I was in a chatroom watching, and it pissed off a LOT of TNA fanboys lol.
  • It was odd to see Pope come out and not get beat down. I'm also glad they acknowledged his title shot for Lockdown - I was almost beginning to think they forgot about him.
  • If/whenever Big Show is retired from in-ring action, I'd love to hear him in a color commentator role.
  • I had no desire to see Legacy/Sheamus vs. Orton/HHH. None whatsoever.
  • I also find it odd that some punters consider Cena to not be good on the mic. I will admit, I get bored of his "doing it for the fans" thing, but it seems like he's the hero - he's SUPPOSED to make those comments, and when Batista sets him up with his dead-on brilliance in heel promo-ship, Cena just swings and knocks it out. I tire of the same video packages (which are awesomely done, btw), but the building of their feud is amazing.
I'll write more about my thoughts on 'Mania 26 latert his week, but for right now, I give RAW the easy victory over TNA last night. Just makes sense.

RAW (3/22/2010) Replay

I'll put an iMPACT! replay up if/when I see one...

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