Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You ever been courting a beautiful female - bangin' body, great personality, etc. - and when it was time to get into the bedroom, the mood is right... but then something goes wrong? Rhythm's off, whatever the case may be? That's how last night's RAW was, to me...

Stone Cold comes out to a nice pop at the top of the show, drinks some beer (very conservatively) and gets bleeped for saying "ass" - it felt like it was going to be a great night, which it should've been. First match? Cena/Big Show, in a "Wrestlemania Rewind" card. And what happens? Batista distracts Cena and Big Show wins. Wait, what happens in what should have been the best match of the night, HBK/Jericho? Edge comes out and spears Jericho - no contest. Triple H/Orton? Legacy and Sheamus come out! You mean to tell me that the biggest draws of the night all end in no contests or with some fuckery? NO clean finishes?

And where was Stone Cold outside of, what, a segment or two before the end? Why were Simply Flawless and Vickie coming out to save Maryse? What was the point of having Sheamus squash Evan Bourne, just to deliver a decent promo (I'm actually catching on to what he has going on - I'm not impressed, but I see it now)?

I did like seeing Batista bleed during his match with Kofi, although it looked like they tried to botch everything they did.

The ending was cool, with Bret Hart finally getting the proper drop on Vince. We knew it'd be a street fight, and seeing Bret come clean with his ploy was well done. I was tired of seeing his weak limp myself...

But yeah, there was a shitload of things that could have been great - that sex could have been amazing - but it either ended too early, or never got started. That chick looked so dope, too.

Over on iMPACT!, I wasn't too impressed. Anything X-Division is the highlight of the show, with the great high spots (loved that dive off the ladder from Amazing Red). It feels like they will bleed on demand b/c they aren't TV-PG - was Flair bleeding 10 minutes into the program, from self-inflicted scratching, mind you, needed? The majority of the show was ho-hum (oh, the Nasty Boys win again! Oh, Nash got beat up again! Wait, Pope got beat up again!), but it was cool to see Abyss chokeslam Flair into the runway. That looked sick as hell. Need more of that LOL.

Bischoff shaved bald? We're really doing this?

Anyways, TNA wasn't terrible, just very BLAH to me, with some nice spots thrown in there. WWE could've really had an A+ show, but they settled for a B-/C+ just because they're waiting for 'Mania. *sigh*

Here's a replay of both shows:


SMH, she can get just like that lololololol...

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