Sunday, February 21, 2010

And for tonight's card:

WWE Championship - Elimination Chamber
- Sheamus (c) vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Triple H vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Ted DiBiase.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Elimination Chamber
- The Undertaker (c) vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk vs. John Morrison vs. R-Truth.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
- Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Kane.

WWE Divas Championship
- Maryse vs. Gail Kim.

I'm calling for either Triple H to win the title or Sheamus to retain, and Jericho to win the World Title. McIntyre should retain, and Maryse should win (her streak is as hot as her body is). I'll post streams when they're up.

EDIT You know what it is: #1 \ #2 \ #3

EDIT OK here are the results:

Cena wins the WWE Title, but then gets screwed by Vince and has an immediate match with Batista who owns him pretty quickly. Drew McIntyre defeated Kane, but I only know this b/c I read the results after doing the dishes. The Maryse/Gail Kim match was postponed, and made a tag match with Maryse/Kim facing "Simply Flawless" (aka the lovely Layla El & Michelle McCool); McCool & El win, and Maryse owns Kim with the French Kiss. The Miz and MVP have an impromptu US Title match (didn't they JUST do this at the Rumble?!?!), and put on a great match - Miz wins after Big Show interferes with a nasty knockout punch. In the World title Chamber (which was the better of the two), Jericho wins the title after HBK comes out of the cage floor and hits Taker with the Sweet Chin Music.

Mediocre PPV at best; if it wasn't for the US title and World Title matches, this would've been some TNA-caliber shit. The screwjob of Cena not only throws Batista onto RAW (where the heat for the McMahon/Bret Hart/Cena/Batista angle will get all the way turnt up), but throws an odd state of flux onto the WWE title, considering that no one knows what's to come of Sheamus' run, and where will Triple H end up for 'Mania? Jericho's win was expected, and with Edge announcing that he'll be giving his decision on tomorrow night's RAW, one can only assume he will be going for Jericho. I'm not sure what's up with the Divas title, but with the small window of time they get for that title (hell, at least the Smackdown Divas get non-wrestling portions of the show), no one cares. McIntyre might be a great wrestler, but I have 0 desire to watch him work, even less when he's paired with Kane. Some portions of the PPV were ultra-random - I was waiting for Santino to just pop out for no particular reason. But the good parts of the show were great, very great. Jericho running and hiding in the pod was hilarious, as well was CM Punk cutting promos in the interim.

The Road to Mania just picked up.

PS The funniest tweet of the night goes to Jim Ross. So true - Striker needs to bounce!

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