Monday, February 22, 2010

Just some morning-after notes on last night's PPV as I peep the all-day replay:

  • I remember joking with the MBW heads about Taker's entrance - he ripped his coat off and was walking to the ring, seemingly determined (and for good reason). The announcers even sold it that way. Come to find out, there was a pyro problem and he actually got burned by his pyrotechnics. Chest burn, apparently, hence the ripping off of the coat. Word is refs were handing him bottles of water to douse his arm with. How many of today's stars would've continued? Proper veteran; here's some video:

  • Joey Styles has flipped his twitter name to just @JoeyStyles, no WWE. His tweets are definitely his own, so its about time.
  • Rumor has it that the Maryse/Gail Kim title match is going down on tonight's episode of RAW. I guess they figured they'd delay a more important five-minute Divas match during a PPV for a more confusing, unimportant five-minute Divas tag-team match.
  • I did think it was cool that they let the Miz/MVP match contiune with the blood, but felt it was silly looking to have a medic rush in AFTER the match. I've not seen anything saying it wasn't a legit cut, so why go nutzo when the match is done?
  • Last night's dark match was Christian vs. Ezekiel Jackson; Zeke didn't have the ECW title, but word is it's been retired. After the PPV went off the air, HBK just stood over Taker, until they met eyes. HBK dipped and Taker left, no posing.
  • So, going forward, the Mania PPV card looks the same as it ever would, although without a title, I'm not sure what a Triple H/Sheamus match would be based on - they've hardly met in the ring, no real animosity. We'll see, I guess.
What are your thoughts on the PPV?

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