Monday, February 15, 2010

It's President's Day, I don't have much to do, so why not live-blog this conference TNA will be holding, which we're told will officially announce moving TNA iMPACT to Mondays starting March 8th. Watch along with me, and I'll be dropping my thoughts below...

2:20PM: Remember their last press conference? It went from Hogan announcing things about his book to announcing his signing with TNA. You think we're in store for something like that?

2:24PM: What'd you think about Against All Odds last night? The Nasty Boys/Team 3D match (and the majority of the event) ws awful. Nasty Boy Knobbs was looking super-winded - did you count how many timeouts he was taking?

2:27PM: Well, to be honest, the only bright spots were Mr. Anderson and D'Angelo Dinero, both former WWE stars who work great on the mic and in the ring. I have a feeling neither of them will be holding the title anytime soon. Why? I don't know... something doesn't sit right with me INRE TNA right now...

2:28PM: Also, I guess it was due to now selling streams of their PPVs for $15 (and annoying paying customers with bad streams), but an abnormal amount of bootleg streams got merked last night. I mean, it's illegal, but it was hard to find a halfway decent stream last night. Just saying.

2:32PM: Maybe this is all a work. The TNA stream isn't online. I haven't heard anything being announced yet, but what the hell. Stay failing, why don't ya!

2:35PM: If this isn't working period, this is an example of their steady failing. Bring something good in, but then hinder it for Lord knows what reason. TNA in 2010 = WCW Thunder.

2:38PM: Well this awesome graphic is at least going.

2:40PM: OK so 10 minutes into the established time and the lagging stream is just a TNA graphic; looks like I'm not the only one confused.

2:45PM: So now Dixie is randomly thrown up, mid-sentence, giving us stats on the January 4th show. Yeah, we know you guys did well.

2:47PM: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the Pop-Icon, Hulk Hogan" (cue pseudo-nWo music).

2:48PM: They keep looking around, how many people are actually there?

2:49PM: I guess I missed Dixie announcing their move to Monday nights at 9PM starting March 8th. Do we need all of this?

2:51PM: Dixie says she sees iMPACT!'s move will be an on-going thing. Credits the fans for following them throughout the years with their timeslot moves. Makes sense.

2:52PM: Hogan says, as a wrestler, he'd rather go head-to-head with the competition (i.e. WWE). Let the fans decide, which is true. But if you compare RAW's content (which isn't A+ quality all the time) to iMPACT!, there's STILL no contest - TNA loses again.

2:55PM: OK so it looks like there are 7 reporters total in the room. This is awkward. And Dixie talks about additional programming outside of this being a possibility.

2:56PM: Hogan expects WWE will say or do nothing about this announcement, which makes sense. The talk of there being an option for fans is brought up, which I 100% agree with.

2:59PM: Gotta love how he talks about people being happy, with all of the dust being kicked up over how much money that the Knockouts receive...

3:00PM: So I've just lost another half hour of my life. Thanks, TNA!

EDIT To make this all worth your while, here's shots of WWE Diva Tiffany (aka Taryn Terell) from Playboy - yes, these are NSFW.

EDIT And here's the official press release.

FINAL EDIT Here's the full 18 minute announcement:

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