Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Via Wrestling Inc:

Jay Lethal's future with TNA is in doubt as the company still haven't decided what to do with him creatively. When Hogan and Bischoff came in they had no plan to continue his Black Machismo legends storyline, and seem to have overlooked him ever since.

Things worsened for the young star this week when the Nasty Boys of all people reportedly mocked him backstage in a tone that suggested he was tarnishing Randy Savage's legacy. Saggs openly pondered how long the company would keep him around.

On the Bubba The Love Sponge show Hogan showed little interest in the Machismo character, flippantly commenting that "maybe we should bring Savage in to manage him".

Now, seeing as a nigga like me hardly fucked with TNA as much as I do today, it's ridiculous to think they'd have NOTHING for this character, or Lethal in general. A few years ago, when I didn't pay one stitch of attention to TNA, it was Lethal's "Black Machismo" character that had me checking it out. You've gotta love how Hogan has more than enough time for the fucking Nasty Boys (how long before they hold the tag straps?) and other washed-up has-beens, but a bright young star who can run circles around Knobbs gets the shaft because you're not creative enough? That's depressing, and another reason why TNA will stay losing.

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