Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some of my thoughts on last night's "Monday Night War" 2010; first, TNA:

  • Val Venis? The Nasty Boys? Scott Hall? Orlando fucking Jordan!??! This is change? This is the sign of dominance?
  • Why did last night's TNA feel like an episode of WCW Thunder? "OMG, who's in the limo!?" "OMG, he pulled out a baton!" "OMG, Hall and X-Pac are beating up Mick Foley!"
  • Wasn't TNA just hyping up their roster of new talent, yet they gave their actual stars less TV time than they gave for Knobbs trying to get backstage, or Jeff Hardy sitting on cages, or Flair standing on the ramp.
  • Why did they taint the excellence of the Angle/Styles match with that goon-filled beatdown at the end?

Ugh, crap. Now, onto WWE:

  • I'm such a fan of Bret Hart, but he did look mad old. Almost felt bad for him. And where were The Hart Dynasty?
  • Stu Hart to the Hall of Fame - wonder if Bret brokered that deal to help push him back onto WWE TV. What about Owen, though?
  • Please kill Legacy and DX already, although I imagine they all stay friends pre-Rumble, then the pre-Wrestlemania storylines build post-Rumble.
  • Kofi Kingston needs some help. Or a good manager.
  • Randy Orton needs a new angle, and with someone of his caliber. He builds some of the better storylines.
  • MVP is finally getting a program, for a title. Good show.
  • I swore Vince was going to "Stone Cold Stun" Bret at the end of the show.

In closing, WWE wins because TNA lost. And they lost badly. They have good talent, but bringing in these old heads, from Hogan to Hall, just makes it really look like WCW-lite, to me anyways. Fix up and keep changing, not recycling. Hogan + Bischoff does not = quality sports entertainment. I love the excitement - I found myself switching between two streams last night, catching both shows, but I watched way more RAW, just because TNA was a clusterfuck of a program.

Wrestleview has re-caps of iMPACT! and RAW, and this piece from The Bleacher Report echoes my thoughts on the TNA debacle from last night.

EDIT And here are Jim Ross' thoughts. And Rosenberg's thoughts.

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