Monday, December 14, 2009

No, I'm not mad. I thought I would be, seeing as I've not liked anything about Sheamus since he first set foot into the ECW, and for all of the talk about wasting younger talent, it makes sense for the WWE to keep the momentum of their younger talent and crown Sheamus the champ.

I thought I'd be mad.

Thing is, how could I? I myself have spoken on hating the idea of the same guys (HHH/HBK/Taker/Orton/Cena) being the champion, or always being the main event. So, what does WWE creative do? They put the WWE Championship match on four bouts in, and crown a new champion, a move that even shocked Jim Ross! I can speak on what I think - that come next year, this will all not even matter, that WWE will tell us "we gave you what you wanted" and move on, that I don't think Sheamus is going to serve as a great champion - but I won't. Hell, I had some reservations about CM Punk getting the World title thrust upon him, and he's made a name for himself. Where is he now? Selling merch on Smackdown with a sober Festus. But I digress - great move.

As I also thought, the Shelton/Christian ladder match to open was the best match of the night. Christian got bloody early, and while I'm not a fan of the WWE "No Blood" policy, I can't hate. They've got a rep to maintain. Shelton needs a bigger push, and if this talk of ECW being no more come 2010 is true, he should be a solid runner for any of the singles titles... yeah, I said it.

The rest of the PPV was a snooze. I'm not a fan of Drew McIntyre, and while I love seeing Mickie James (and the lovely Layla) do their thing, I wasn't too impressed. Aside from Sheamus winning, their match was really boring, as was the 'Taker/Batista match, although its always good to hear Teddy Long shout "PLAYA!". Orton/Kofi is dead in the water - the heat they built at MSG a few weeks ago has fizzled out, which makes sense - there's no real chemistry/beef, especially with no title in contention. Orton's a PHENOMENAL heel, but I think this would've worked more if they had something to strive for, outside of "oh he threw paint on my new car" type of nonsense. What is this, NWA circa '87? DX/JeriShow to close was probably the better move, but it devalues the main titles IMO. I am just glad that Jericho can move on to being a solo competitor, which I am hoping for - I'd really like to see Edge/Jericho at the next Wrestlemania. We'll see.

Also, you gotta love how 'Taker/HBK put on a clinic at WM25, and it was hard for the rest of the program to follow... so of course Taker/Batista follows Sheamus' shocker. LOL.

Anyways, if you want the complete rundown, Wrestleview has it for you.

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