Friday, November 20, 2009

While I might be the only person that feels this way, I always thought Stunning Steve Austin was better than Stone Cold Steve Austin. Stunning Steve Austin was never given a push and stuck on the mid-card level. What's your opinion?

Bonus: Steve Austin: Debut ECW Interview (Classic)


Agreed. Stunning Steve blossomed into a brilliant technician, when he lost a little body mass and gained top-level experience. He was the best mover and mechanic the WCW had by '93. A Hart-Austin match in '93 wouldn've been beautiful. A '91 Hennig and a '94 Austin might've been the best match!

The big Steamboat US title matches of '94 were Austin's best ever matches, IMO they go beyond the Steamboat-Savage and Flair-Steamboat matches. The Hart-Austin matches were great, too, but Hart had better matches with Hennig. But for me the Steamboat-Austin matches of '94 were the highest level of allaround wrestling I've seen, above Hart-Michaels Ironman and all. Going back to Dory Funk Jr, Harley Race... those guys were good mat mechanics but not at the same physical level. And Austin for me out-shined Steamboat!


you can argue that Steamboat is dumb underrated - his match w/ Savage at WMIII was the truth, and some of the best WCW title matches were Flair/Steamboat.

But yeah, Steve got a great run as US champ. Damn shame he got injured.


For me he was an artist similar to Hart, a mover similar to Hennig, yet being a lot bigger than those guys, could use great strength and used the top ropes more. He could brawl and sell punches better, too.

For me he was the best in the world from '93 to '94, and with the Hollywood Blondes segments clearly had charisma, too, that was being held back. If he got pushed rather than injured, he could've been huge as Stunning Steve, a Hollywood main eventer against the Hogans, Flairs, Vaders... steel cages. I could see him on Baywatch or something.

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