Thursday, October 1, 2009

While it was first rumored that her appearance on tomorrow's Smackdown 10th Anniversary show, is reporting that Vickie Guerrero is back full-time with the WWE:

It was reported last week that Vickie Guerrero would making a one-time appearance for this week's "Decade of SmackDown" anniversary special. However, it's since been confirmed that she's actually returning to the company in a full-time role.

She appeared at Tuesday night's SmackDown taping with a "new boyfriend" in tow by the name of Eric. He is actually WWE developmental wrestler Eric Escobar, who has worked numerous non-televised matches in the past year for the company but unable to find a spot on the main roster until now. The former General Manager of SmackDown is returning to the company to manage him.

I imagine she's gonna go back to being GM of a brand. Teddy Long's been at Smackdown stinking it up (sorry, playa), and that chick from ECW (Tiffany?) wasn't even on the show this past week! Do you smell a SWIIIIIIIITCH!??!

Thing is, if Vickie does take a GM role, I'll have to holla at Bilal.

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