Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Here are the latest updates for WWE On Demand, via PWInsider:


WWE Hall of Fame:
Bret Hart
WWF champion: Bret Hart vs. Diesel King of Ring 1994
Bret Hart & Dynamite Kid vs. Troy Alexander & Mike Sharpe WWF Maple Leaf Wrestling 8/29/84
Bret Hart vs. Buzz Sawyer Georgia Championship Wrestling 1979
WWF champion Bret Hart vs. Terry Funk - Terry Funk's Wrestlefest 9/11/97

WWE Hall of Fame 2009 Ceremony

Big Ones

WCW Clash of Champions 23 6/16/93
*Ron Simmons vs. Dick Slater
*Lord Steven Regal vs. Marcus Alexander Bagwell
*Maxx Payne vs. Johnny B. Badd
*NWA champion Barry Windham vs. Too Cold Scorpio
*Big Van Vader & Sid Vicious & Rick Rude vs. Dustin Rhodes & Sting & Davey Boy Smith
*WCW World Tag Team champions The Hollywood Blondes vs. Ric Flair and Arn Anderson

WWF at Meadowlands Arena 10/14/84
*Rene Goulet vs. Salvatore Bellomo
*Brutus Beefcake vs. Rick McGraw
*David Sammartino vs. Mr. Fuji
*Jack & Jerry Brisco vs. Rene Goulet & Steve Lombardi
*Rocky Johnson vs. Moondog Spot
*WWF Tag Team Champions Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch vs. the Wild Samoans
*Big John Studd vs. SD Jones
*Andre the Giant & Sgt. Slaughter vs. the Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff

TV Classics
Extreme Championship Wrestling 11/19/96
Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling 1/6/82
Monday Night Wars: Nitro 1/26/98
Monday Night Wars: Raw 1/26/98
WCW Worldwide Wrestling 6/29/91

Shorties ( Stone Cold's Most Stunning Stunners)
Jim Ross Ground Zero 97
Vince McMahon Raw 9/22/97
Savio Vega Raw 6/17/96
The Nation D-X 97
The Rock Wrestlemania XV
Triple H IYH: Buried Alive 96
Donald Trump Wrestlemania 23

I remember them saying that September was to be devoted to Stone Cold, so I imagine the submission match between Bret Hart and Steve Austin from Wrestlemania XIII will be shown at some point. Or I can hope...

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