Thursday, September 24, 2009

In some backstage news that might piss off Po, its looking like Maryse has been getting major heat backstage:

Maryse Ouellet is not exactly the most popular person among her peers in the wrestling industry as many find her to be aloof, arrogant and conceited, not to mention baring little difference from her egotistical on-screen persona. Nonetheless, it is quite rare for today's WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts to publicly speak ill of a fellow peer, even if they're largely disliked. However, in Maryse's case, we have five separate accounts of the former Divas Champion not exactly receiving the warmest of praise.
In a recent interview with, McCool labeled Maryse as "conceited" while playing Word Association. Considering she did the entire interview out of character and was complementary towards everyone else in Word Association, this should be a pretty good indication of how she truly feels about Maryse.

In another instance, Candice Michelle, who rarely has a bad word to say about anyone, was none too complementary towards her former co-worker in her first interview since being released by World Wrestling Entertainment. When asked to give her thoughts on Maryse this past summer, Michelle issued a backhanded compliment by saying she's progressed well but uses "the same three moves over and over."

If you recall back in May, Maryse took a page out of "The Beautiful People" playbook by spraying Mickie James with hair spray during an episode of Raw, thus allowing Kelly Kelly to dump her out of the ring and win a Divas Battle Royal. As you would imagine, both TNA Knockouts — Angelina Love and Velvet Sky — were none too pleased with this occurrence, feeling she had copied their style. They immediately went to the web to let their true feelings out regarding their blonde rival up North.

Without referring to her by name, Love wrote two brief notes obviously regarding Maryse's play of "gimmick infringement" on her "Status and Mood Updates" on her MySpace account — which is similar to "tweeting."

"You can try, but you cant and you never will be TBP!!!," Love vehemently wrote. Later that day, she added: "The Beautiful People- often imitated, NEVER duplicated!!"

Likewise, Velvet Sky chimed in with similar thoughts regarding this "certain model" copying "The Beautiful People."

"Wonders why a certain "model" (ugh!) in wrestling has to copy TBP'S S style?!?!?!," Sky cried." She later added: "Laughs at the "model" who thinks she can come close to TBP'S style!" She also had her mood set to "models suck!!"

In a recent interview with The Wrestler, Lisa Marie Varon was asked to name the wrestler who behaves most like their on-air character. It's interesting to note that the first wrestler she named was Maryse.

"(Laughs) I think Maryse is very close to her character," Varon said.

While not necessarily a diss, considering Maryse portrays an egotistical "I'm better than you" heel, Varon's comment does not portray her in a good light.


While a lot of this seems like catty shit, a lot of people saying the same (bad) things is never good for business...


Damn.. I haven't seen on tv for a minute either...

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