Saturday, July 25, 2009

There's have been a couple of new additions to WWE that have caught my attention. I hope the WWE use these wrestlers correctly because all of them seem to have a good crowd reaction already.

Sheamus - this guy is a monster, makes you completely forget about Finlay.

Zack Ryder- Wooo Woo Woo lol... This guy is great.. I don't know why but he just has "it".. I excepted big things from this guy.. His theme music is great too...

Abraham Washington - While he has not perform inside the ring yet, Abraham shows lots of charisma on his talk segment "The Abraham Washington Show".. His talk show was a great idea because the show could help further build his character.

Dolph Ziggler - This guy is going to be a big star as well... Pairing him with WWE diva Maria was a great idea..

Honorable Mention:
This guys are dope too buy I don't really consider them new wrestlers.
John Morrision
The Miz

R-Truth's Pretty Ricky skits are hilarious to me...

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