Thursday, June 25, 2009

Here's a old "Current Affair" article detailing The Von Erich Family Tragedy. Patriarch Fritz lived until his natural death, but 4 of his sons died before him within a 9-year span (as well as his eldest son Jack, who was electrocuted as a child) In 1984 David Von Erich died in Japan from acute enteritis of the upper intestine. Michael, Kerry, and Chris all committed suicide in 1987, 1991, & 1993 respectively. Mike died after taking an overdose of Placadyl. Chris shot himself in the head with a 9mm at his parents home in East Texas & Kerry shot himself in the chest behind his fathers house on Shady Shores Road. Kevin Von Erich is sole surviving child of Fritz Von Erich (Jack Adkisson) and Doris Adkisson. I feel so bad for Kevin Von Erich, having to live through all his brothers' deaths.

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