Friday, November 14, 2008

As you know, the Black Pope is gone. Wrestling Radio reports the following:

Elijah Burke: Interesting story here regarding his release taking place the same time Kenny Dykstra's did. Burke was originally slated to be part of The Spirit Squad, but turned it down feeling it would be a gimmick that would kill his career. Some described Burke has having small attitude issues, but everyone felt he was a great promo guy and had potential to be a big money player someday. He was pushed as the lead heel on ECW in the New Breed angle. However, when the angle lost steam it seemed the company gave up on him and no one involved could really give a solid reason why. At one point he was supposed to be switched from ECW to Raw when Shelton Benjamin made the transition, but Brian Gewirtz didn't want him and he ended up falling off the face of the earth pretty much.

Sounds about right. Burke in the Spirit Squad = suicide.

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