Monday, August 4, 2008

Word from is that Ric Flair is no longer under contract with the WWE. One question...

WHY!!? Is he walking away from the sport in general (I had heard months back that this nigga was kind of a wrestling diplomat, speaking on the goods of this sport and whatnot), or is he exploring his options? I mean, TNA would NOT be a good look, and I'm not sure if NWA has any prominent organizations for him to be a part of.

Maybe he wants to start a ministry with Ted DiBiase. I just think it's kind of bullshit, in terms of being an early rumor and just being a dumb move, if it's true.

Or maybe it's just his time to walk away? Can anyone confirm this?

EDIT: Both 1wrestling and WrestleView have confirmed this. I guess that nigga is going to do a tour, shooting promos for all the other promotions. And I really wanted him to be the Raw GM.

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