Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Well, indirectly. I wanna shout out reader Mister Ellington for a) reading my blog and b) hipping me to the insanely genius notion that Michael Hayes' racial remarks (in a nutshell, he said he was more of a nigga than Mark Henry, which isn't that hard to believe, considering the wild and outlandish shit Hayes has said and done since he got into wrestling) has directly affected the skin-tone of the wrestlers who are either champs (Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston and now Shelton Benjamin) or getting shine (MVP and his VIP Lounge? Cryme Tyme getting mad screen time with John Cena).

What trips me out is that, based on a two minute Google search, it looks like this idea isn't far-fetched at all. Hell, TMZ is thinking the same thing! Why did I not see it? It could be because I was a fan of the Freebirds, and honestly, Michael Hayes calling someone a nigga(er) is NOT the same as someone like Hardcore Holly or Cody Rhodes saying "you my nigga". Hayes has more stroke and swag than most white cats in wrestling, given that he spent mad time in the South.

My thing is, and I apologize for cheapening the wins of the few niggas who are still in the limelight, but their championships are underwhelming. Kofi Kingston is fueding with fucking Burchill? Shelton Benjamin LOST last week, and complained of bronchitis? The ECW strap is a joke, and even if Cryme Tyme wins the belts (yeah yeah yeah yeah), every match these niggas are in, they are getting whompstomped through the majority of it. Compare the 6-man tag with Cena + Cryme Tyme vs. Rhodes, Ted Dibiasie & JBL (the night JBL ran over Cena), and then watch the most recent Saturday Night's Main Event: Cryme Tyme got shitted on throughout the majority of the match, and the at SNME, the dumb nigga had to be the one to not only be covering the illegal man, but then catch that bullshit "Clothesline From Hell".

So, we might win some paper championships, but really, call me when a nigga wins the WWE Title (from HHH, no less), or at least beats CM Punk for the gold.

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