Sunday, August 17, 2008

  • Kofi Kingston, BKA "The Fakin' Jamaican", has lost his IC title. This is of little surprise, as for the last few weeks, he's been losing matches/looking like a fool, and the premise of both the IC title and the Women's Championship being able to be lost in a tag-team match kind of cheapens both titles, no?
  • Mark Henry retains his ECW strap, although he still loses the match via DQ when Tony Atlas interferes. Again, the belt seems cheap when you figure the match was super quick. Talk about padding the line-up just to get to the matches at the end.
  • MVP beats Jeff Hardy. I am a big MVP fan these days, and I wonder why they keep him at the very beginning of these PPVs. I remember his match with Kane, when get got set on fire. And when he battled Ric Flair during Flair's final year. All matches that started out the PPV. He needs a strap on him...
  • How is Shelton Benjamin the United States champ, but had no match tonight?
  • WrestleView's other reports, including the winners of Cena/Batista and the Hell In A Cell match are HERE.
  • WWE has pictures and video from tonight's event HERE.
  • Bonus: Check out Layla's Summer Skin!

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