Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So, I don't watch ECW as much as I used to, so last week's episode, where Tony Atlas and Mark Henry did something to someone, was crazy off of my radar. I mean, one of the true Black champions from back in the day, returning to manage a Black champion of today? That's big news over here! Imagine the shit Saba Simba could teach Mark Henry!

Then I tried watching last night's episode. And I fell asleep somewhere around Henry trying to bend a frying pan.

Huh? Then he gets beat by in the face by Tommy Dreamer? THIS is how you want your champ looking going into a PPV?

With the shit that the other wrestlers do during the start of any program, we have to see Mark Henry, who by the way is a legit strongman, fold frying pans?! This is the world champion! Then I read a story that said that they wanted to put Atlas on ECW two years ago, to be in an advisory role to Bobby Lashley... say WHAT!? Can Tony only mentor White wrestlers? And why THESE wrestlers? Tony can't speak, neither can Henry... and neither could Lashley! Why not have put the strap on Elijah Burke, and let Atlas guide him? That would have been an ill tandem.

Nah, we get buffoon coonery. I don't doubt Henry will be ECW champ for a bit, given that Tommy Dreamer is more of a fluff boy in any match he's been in, but who knows.

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