Thursday, July 3, 2008

First off, let me preface this with a shout-out to commenter willie hobbs, who hipped me to this link speaking on the whereabouts of Elijah Burke, and lo and behold, a link to the above pic shows what appears to be some new gimmick, apparently a Goth/vampire type thing, not unlike how Edge or Gangrel were when they first came to the WWE.

And it's fucking poor. You can't slap crosses on your shades, take out your cornrows, wear a black beater and carry a fucking goblet and call yourself some dark character. Is this why I am missing Burke from televised WWE shows, the higher-ups are trying to debut some new look? I remember, right before he seemingly vanished from TV, he had hit a losing streak, and it seemed like a storyline of "what will Burke need to do to win" was coming. He took that massive beating from Batista, and then was just a glimmer.

Good word is, there's a new column of his over at, and it's full of the Burke swagger we have grown to appreciate, even throwing shots at The Miz, with his punk ass. And still seems to be spoken in his token braggadacio. I just hope that that goblet-carrying bullshit was just some kind of failed attempt at restarting him, and it was quickly scrapped. Now that Shelton Benjamin and Kofi Kingston are no-longer on ECW, let's see if Burke will return to form, and possibly team up with Mark Henry (and Ron Killings, if he ever surfaces) for some true Black Pope funk.

A goblet? Nah man... wrong move...

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