Monday, June 30, 2008

Damn, I guess that HUGE push on ECW was no bullshit. Kofi Kingston won the Intercontinental Title from Chris Jericho last night! While them involving Shawn Michaels and Lance Cade in it cheapens it just a tad, I do respect WWE for putting the IC title on a Black man, even if he's so happy-go-lucky. Oddly enough, I was re-watching last Monday's Raw, and was pissed at how JBL seemingly dominated Kofi.

I also read that Mark Henry is the new ECW champ!? I figured Kane was going to lose, but I also imagined that Mark was just thrown in as filler, and Big Show would take the title. Now, unless Mark Henry gets as big a push as he got years back, I can't see this as being a long reign, but I am happy for him nonetheless.

For all of the Night of Champions PPV results, hit up WrestleView.

P.S. - has the WWE been reading this blog? And what's the deal with two world titles on Smackdown? That just seems bad for business... unless they plan on unifying the world titles and doing away with that? How ill would that be!??!!?


still no love for 'the experience' tho


dogs, you're 100% right. where is he, btw?


check this out

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