Friday, June 27, 2008

My favorite Diva, Layla, got sent over to Raw during the Supplemental Draft on Wednesday afternoon. Mark Henry also got sent to ECW, and with rumors that ECW is shifting from being banded to Smackdown to now rollin' with Raw, I imagine that a program with Kane is inevitable.

Who really gives a shit that Big Daddy V got shifted to Smackdown, though? That nigga is possibly one of the most unimportant wrestlers ever - from his days as Mabel up through today. Yes, he's big, but he can only do so much, and he's fucking weird looking. He needs to put a shirt on those big floppy tits, and him and Khali need to go to wherever the hell Giant Gonzales ended up.

I'm hoping that the Shelton Benjamin move to Smackdown will bring some good runs for him, and I am glad that the Kofi Kingston battle with him is seemingly over. I hate Black on Black violence; I don't, however, see Kofi getting any kind of decent push on Raw.

Your thoughts?

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