Wednesday, January 9, 2008

After asking for a release from TNA this past December, it looks like Ron "The Truth" Killings has been offered a contract with the WWE, based on recent Internet rumors. This is pretty early word, and no one has said if he has accepted an offer, or which brand he will be heading to (my early assumption is ECW, where I'd hope he would team with Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke).

For those who know, Killings used to wrestle for the WWE back in 2000-01, under the guise "K-Kwik". Check out him and the Road Dogg being marked on by Edge & Christian. Fun times.

In any case, maybe this former NWA World Champ is just the spark that a brand like ECW, or Smackdown for that matter, would need. Some fresh, outside blood could do the company good right about now.

When I hear more on this, I'll post more.

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