Friday, November 23, 2007

Down in the A, Harrison "Hardbody" Norris, a former WCW employee, has been found guilty in what is being called a "sex slave" trial. I've skimmed through a few reports, and the facts about who Norris was are kind of scant. I get that he was a WCW employee who, among 12 other African-American wrestlers, alleging that Turner Sports was discrimating, making non-White wrestlers play to stereotypes (wow, he's a damn rocket scientist), and found out the following: dude was a jobber. He's claiming that he was only given a two-dozen or so matches in a 3 year span, and was required to lose most of the time. Sounds like he thought he should have been invovled more, made it to the big leagues, but couldn't cut it. And there's no word on what his gimmick was to be, aside from some strong dude, so where's the racism involved? Plus, wasn't Booker T, like, Tag Team, TV and Heavyweight champ around the late 90s/early 2000? He left not too long before WCW folded, but in doing searches on Google & Wikipedia just shows X amount of links inre: his case.

I'm just wondering what kind of stigma they are attaching to this case because dude was a crappy wrestler in his past. I'm not saying he's getting a bad rap, if he's a pimp then to hell with him, but is this giving Pro-Wrestling a bad rap due to his association? Catchy bylines are cool, but don't step on a sport I love and follow because of the transgressions of one bad apple.

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