Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shelton, good to have you on the best pure wrestling show WWE has right now. You're a great addition, bringing pizzazz and skills to this budding show. I also like your outlook. But, dog, get off the mic. You have a weird voice, and taking it in in extended helpings is frustrating, and it makes me dislike you. Having Elijah Burke bringing you out is a good look - he actually has a dynamic personality. Seeing you two brothers together, as well as seeing Big Daddy V and Mark Henry taking out Kane, I see a sort of Dark Horsemen thing going on. DOOM2k8 or something. That'd be epic. If (when?) that happens, Elijah will have to be A) the figurehead and B) the dude with the mic, for the rest of you can't cut it, vocally.

Fix up, or just stay mute and beat people up.

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