Monday, September 17, 2007

... or they need to give Elijah Burke another avenue. I won't say who told me, but it doesn't look like Vince is trying to throw more gold to the Extreme brand, so unless CM Punk breaks his ankle (and the Mizz is M.I.A.), Elijah is going to be another "also-ran".

And it sucks. It sucks because dude is a pure talent, from mat wrestling to mic skills to just overall personality - he can be a heel, he looks like he can be a fan favorite (with the right push), and he delivers. Everytime I see him wrestler, I feel as if he could have been knocking doors down in the old ECW Arena back in 95, tagging with 2 Cold Scorpio. What's his status now?

The dude CM Punk beats every week. Which is nonsense. Their matches are always the highlights of the ECW as of late, but I'd rather watch Elijah face anyone than see CM Punk win all of the time. Dude doesn't have "it", that special spark. He is talented, but hell, how long can he truly sustain a run being so drab and boring?

Look, the talent on today's ECW roster is fledgling at best: why do you think they gave John Morrison such a big push? He actually had a gimmick, even if he was corny. CM Punk is the fan's choice, but after that, what is he, really? I've seen him wrestle for a while, and don't know WHO dude is! Elijah, you know who he is, you know what he's about, and he keeps getting robbed.

If the ECW could make Elijah a bigger force (which McMahon was doing when he made him the Leader of the New Breed), recruit some more wrestlers, and maybe add at least a TV title or something, I guarantee they would be such a bigger force in "The Brand Era"...

Elijah, we're pulling for you, dog!

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