Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm upset. I took a week or so off from even posting this due to my distress. JTG and Shad, AKA Cryme Tyme, were released from the WWE in what sounds like a combination of misinterpreted match situations that compounded on an already strained relationship that Cryme Tyme had with the WWE (read the full details HERE). I can understand if they didn't mix... that's definitely a problem. It's just the timing...

The guys went from comedic fodder during a boring show to comedic fodder that was in the midst of getting a pretty big push for the tag belts! Each week, they grew more accolades and praise from fans, and now... gone. The last thing the failing WWE tag scene needs is the loss of another team. There's like, what, 3 legit teams now?


Be easy, Cryme Tyme.

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