Tuesday, August 7, 2007

  • I love Ron Simmons on the WWE Dating Game last night. How hilarious was his "'Nam!" and "Spam!" comments?!? I thought he was gonna fly Santino Marella's head, though. I also want to say, I loved seeing Ron and Teddy Long link up when Teddy asked Ron to be his best man. Old school fans of DOOM will remember Teddy rocking the doo rag (or a leather kufi-looking thing) and managing them when they battled the Horsemen.
  • King Booker did his thing and will be crowned by Jerry Lawler (can we even call him "The King" anymore?) next week @ MSG. Should be exciting... but I have a feeling that Booker will have to be careful. On a side note: I love the inflection Booker uses in his voice, that ghetto pompous nonsense, but when Sharmell does her "King.... BOOKAH!", I crack up.
  • Cryme Tyme were too busy getting spanked in the Battle Royale to sell wrestling boots...
  • Pacman Jones is going to be competing on TNA? WHY!?!? Doesn't he have court cases to worry about? Peep TNA this Thursday for his first appearance.

On a side note, I watched the first couple of "Shorties" featuring Junkyard Dog on WWE 24/7, and was kind of disappointed in the first one. JYD took on Ric Flair for the belt at the Clash of the Champions XI, and was dominating for the majority of the match. I forget Jim Ross' side-kick, but the comment about the Dog eating "chickens - and I mean more than one" was so ignorant to me. I also thought it was odd that they hyped up JYD's non-technical style, as if Ric Flair was the king mat wrestler. He could go with the best of them, but be forreal - his matches drew heavily on eyerakes, chops, and kicking a leg to set up the Figure 4. I just thought it was an odd thing to harp on... but here's the kicker: the Four Horsemen jumped in. OK so in a month where we show praise to JYD, we feature a match where he seemingly had no way of even obtaining the title? Why not at least show him go the distance with Ric and submitting? Come on... I mean I guess there's only a certain amount of matches they choose from, but this dude was wild popular for a while. Fix up, WWE 24/7.

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