Tuesday, August 14, 2007

They keep dissin' the Junkyard Dog (hell, look at his tiny bio on WWE.com!)... not only did they show a match with him and Ric Flair, where it ended up with the Horsemen stomping him down, but the next match was a nasty one with JYD and Terry Funk. JYD won the match with a small package(!) after going back and forth with the Funkster, only to be "branded" and beat at the end. Why would you celebrate a deceased superstar with such a wack choice of matches?

Sunday night my son and I watched JYD & Davey Boy Smith vs The Hart Foundation back in the Danny Davis days - the whole of the match focused on Davey Boy Smith, the Hart Foundation and Davis more than JYD, who won the match again (with Davey Boy's help), and before the cavalcade of kids could juke with him in the ring, they ended it. COME ON!

I did watch the 36 minute special on him, which was cool - seeing "Big Daddy" take on Jake Roberts in the Stampede Wrestling days was dope, especially b/c he won, and I loved seeing the Dog on Tuesday Night Titans, telling a young Vince McMahon about chitlins. Classic.

On the brief commercials about what's going on during the month, they don't mention JYD - they keep saying the "Legends" portion is about the Horsemen, so I'm guessing by tomorrow, the JYD bits will be gone, which I'm hating honestly. Too much Summerslam hype to give JYD his due...


Check out JYD vs. Andre The Giant over in France:

JYD never got a break. RIP

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