Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I have been telling you faithful readers ever since I started this blog: Bobby Lashley is going places. Last night's RAW proved it. Once I saw dude at the beginning of the show staring John Cena down, I knew, no matter who won what match last night, Lashley was meeting Cena @ The Great American Bash. I liked how Lashley caught Shelton Benjamin in mid-air and speared him. Shelton did get the drop on him earlier, though, with that flip-into-a-DDT move. Awesome.

As a matter of fact, the entire ending surrounding the 3 major Black superstars on RAW had a big grin on my face. I doubt Shelton will continue to be a force on RAW, but he is a great talent (even though I don't get why he wears those ankle shoes with the random shin things over top - looks MAD silly). I just want to see Booker T either win some gold or lose the "King" nonsense. He is too much of a mush mouth to keep playing like he can talk properly.

I would ask for the WWE to rekindle the "Nation of Domination", but I highly doubt that will come back...

I'll put it like this: if John Cena retains his WWE Championship at the GAB, I will do one Cena post each day that following week. Holla!

BONUS VIDEO: Here is the end of last night's RAW, the whole contract signing/fight (unable to embed).

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