Thursday, July 26, 2007

When will his run end? His 3rd WWE Championship reign has been runnin' strong since before Edge got drafted to Smackdown. Every dynasty has its end, and his should be coming soon - but who is the man to do it?

Lashley? Not a chance anymore... I don't think he is even on the radar now, even if his match was impressive at GBA. King Booker? He has his hands full with Jerry Lawler... Randy Orton is on the radar, for God knows what reason, he's not necessarily been that stellar in terms of the competition he's had - fighting under experienced Cody Rhodes and old-as-dirt Dusty Rhodes does not a #1 contender make. Plus, his attitude doesn't necessarily scream "CHAMPION".

Triple H - now he's on the comeback, right? I suspect he will jump right back into contention, and take on whomever wins the Cena vs. Orton Summerslam bout. I hope he wins - I'd like to see Triple H vs. Lashley a few times, just for kicks.

Sorry, Cena, but I don't see you as champ by the end of the year, patna. And without the belt, where are you? Trapped...

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