Monday, July 23, 2007

Well, since Bobby Lashley did not beat John Cena last night at the GBA, I will keep my bet and dedicate this week to John Cena. I hereby give you the first edition of... White Boy Week.

I hadn't been watching RAW or any WWE programs for a few years, so when I finally caught wind of what Cena was doing, it was towards the end of his "rapper" stage and into his more thugged out "just got home from Iraq" style feel. In watching older WWE PPVs on WWE 24/7, and you know what, dude really wasn't that bad. Did he write his own lyrics? I remember hearing he was down with a few MCs (Bumpy Knuckles? M.O.P.?)... who knows.

In any case, dude is kind of nice with his, even if he uses the same moves every go 'round. I didn't like his "comedic" answer to Coachman's first question last week - I felt it was kind of corny, but then again, I was feeling bad for my boy Lashley. Thing is, dude is like THE good guy on RAW right now. Even though people cheer Lashley, its not like Lashley has the star power Cena has, even when people really aren't feeling Cena, he can still put on a decent match. Hell, the night after the infamous "Benoit tribute", Cena mashed out Johnny Nitro on ECW, for no good reason!

In any case, peep a few of Cena's "rap battles":

Cena Vs. Big Show

Cena Vs. Kurt Angle

Cena Vs. Christian

Basic Thugonomics, chief. More tomorrow!

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