Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Here's a couple of points of interest in regards to last night's WWE Tri-Brand Draft (check out WrestlingBlog.com's grammatically-challenged recap of the show) while I mull over really caring about Vince McMahon's limo explosion...

  • I told you guys, Bobby Lashley was going to be drafted to RAW! Dude is just not ECW material - no slight to him, but his style, that powerhouse physique, is just tailor-made for the bigger WWE brands. Him being the ECW World Champ is dope, but its also a slap in the face, if you do your history and see who's held that strap in the past. ECW stands for something different, something raw - and Lashley, as much as I dig his style, is just more polished than that. I also never did think that King Booker T (and Queen Sharmelle) would be coming to RAW though, but it's a good thing: I'm not a fan of Smackdown! at all, so having two of the better Black performers on the Monday Night show (which is the best show WWE has out there) is a big plus. It was kind of deep that Coachman stripped Lashley of the ECW World title, but really, it doesn't matter. If he's not wearing gold by the time October comes around, I'll be VERY surprised... (I'm also pissed I missed the Lashley/Chris Benoit match - it sounds like it was a solid affair!)
  • I also missed MVP vs. Santino Marrela, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
  • Is the Boogeyman Black? I'm not sure, but he got sent to ECW - it looks like a measure for WWE to utilize him but not have to waste time on the bigger shows for his worm-eating antics.
  • Elijah Burke got owned by Batista, which was no surprise - he showed a little promise, but his skills were overmatched for a triple threat match.
  • I did NOT like how they had Viscera and Mark Henry battling each other during the Battle Royale. Isn't the norm to have a bunch of little dudes trying to take out the big guys? And then having Henry be all happy, knowing full well he wasn't going to win... and what did Marcus Cor Von contribute?
  • Honorary Black Man Dusty Rhodes came out to his "American Dream" theme song from his last wrestling-tenure in the WWE (early 90s); it made me think of Sapphire, who I was almost expecting to see... until I did a 2 second Wikipedia search and found out she passed away... in 1996! Had no idea she passed away. Will have to find more info on her and include her in this black rasslin' project.

On Wednesday, WWE.com is going to be holding a supplemental draft, where even more stars will be getting traded. Who knows who else will stray, but I will drop more info if we have more Black Wrestlers moving.

Until next time...

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